Hello and welcome to Innate Health Connection!

 INNATE HEALTH CONNECTION is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote community well-being through sharing the understanding of the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  We are all looking for sustainable peace of mind; in this we are all intimately connected. IHC is pleased to offer trainings, workshops and resources pertaining to the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  These teachings are offered around the world, and have changed the lives of many thousands of people.   We encourage your feedback, we are grateful for your financial support, and we invite your attendance to our activities.  If you have questions or are looking to talk to someone please email linda@innatehealthconnection.org.

While there are many programs meant to help individuals, what maklogo smalleres Innate Health Connection unique is our understanding that our experiences of life are not created from the outside-in but rather from the inside-out.  In other words it is not events, circumstances or, more importantly, people that create our stress or are the source of our well-being, rather it is our own created thoughts that give us those meaningful experiences moment to moment.

We all have free will to think anything we want and every experience is unique and personal to us.  With an illumination and understanding of the creative nature of Thought, and trust in our innate wisdom, life becomes less effortful, and our feeling of wellbeing remains intact.

IHC shares from the understanding of the Three Principles, first introduced by Sydney Banks. Our facilitators teach in a wide variety of settings throughout the Bay Area; many have shared this understanding throughout the World. All have worked for decades cultivating psychological wellbeing.

Classes, workshops and trainings are presented in:

  • Educational settings with students
  • Collaborative Parenting
  • Criminal justice system – probation officers, adult and juvenile programs
  • Court mandated domestic violence and anger management groups
  • Substance abuse and mental health treatment centers
  • Community settings
  • Professional and personal in groups, couples, and one-on-one

Our website is to inform our expanding audiences of activities in the Bay Area including free drop-in groups, workshops, and available resources. We make every effort to promote any Principles-related activities in the Bay Area and beyond. If you know of one not listed within our website please let us know by sending an email to linda@innatehealthconnection.org

Monthly workshops are attended by people seeking the clarity and innate wellbeing found through understanding the Principles and ongoing classes can be found in many of our local communities initiated through IHC.  We also created a monthly workshop in response to those who asked for a gathering to deepen their understanding while learning to share the Principles always featuring guest trainers from around the Bay Area.

IHC is here to help liberate individuals from the limits of their thinking promoting change naturally from the inside-out.

Thank you for visiting!