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In Memory Of (another) Me

Spices of Life

I got a Facebook friend request this week from a dear friend of many years ago, with whom I had lost touch. After accepting gladly, it blasted me back into an archive of memories, good and bad, that are linked in my storage system with his name. The occurrences we shared were 25 or more years ago, and it was significant to me to see how alive and well they still are in my memory bank! Career-focused, party hearty, seeking fulfillment in all the wrong places Marilyn reappeared in my ‘now’ to haunt and entertain me. What was I thinking?!!!

I was thinking that my thinking (and the thinking that my culture taught me) was real. I was believing that if I made enough money, achieved enough fame, and found the right sweetheart, I would live happily ever after and become relevant. I had no clue in those years that happily ever after was an inside job, nor did I have a clue that relevance was inherent in humanity! Thank God, that woman only lives in memory now!

Grateful today for my blast from the past, which demonstrates so beautifully our amazing ability to store and reference memories. Memories are thoughts that we stored, with all the meaning that we made at the time stored as an attachment file. They can taunt us, haunt us, they can make us smile, and they can bring gratitude. I can hear, in my head, my friend Alysza singing “This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made.” Oops! Another memory!

Judgment Calls


Knowing about Thought and its creative power in our lives, I often find myself looking at others and finding fault with the illusions they have created. What a gift when insight dawns, and I realize that it is simply my thoughts critiquing the thoughts of others! To paraphrase, I may not agree with the reality you have made up in Thought, but I see that it looks real to you, and in a moment both of our thoughts will create something new. It’s our nature!


PursuitIn sitting down to film my thoughts on the Three Principles for this website, I was guided to begin by talking about the continuous search for answers that obsessed so much of my life. From my twenties on, I must have spent thousands of dollars, and even more hours, on workshops, books, intensives, disciplines and religious pursuits, trying to find the “answer” that would fill me up.

What changed? Seeing myself as a creative and intentional expression of Life, given the amazing gift of creativity. As I saw more and more that my creativity (Thought) was creating all the ideas in my head about who people should be, how things should go, what I needed to be happy, and on and on, the real source of all my struggles became clear. And when I KNOW it’s thought, I carry my struggles so much more lightly! Oh yeah! It’s only me, making up stories again! Busted!

Beginnings by Marilyn Wendler


We begin a New Year, as well as a new venture!  After months of discussion and planning, Innate Health Connection is given birth to serve Santa Clara County where county services used to be provided.  So many were the beneficiaries of the weekly drop-in classes, the Wisdom At Work workshops, the State of Mind trainings, and Applications classes that supported new facilitators and practitioners.   Thank you, Santa Clara County, for so many years of support for the 3 Principles understanding!

A new time, and new budget priorities, and we who have benefitted now assume the responsibility for continuing the work.  For now we start with what we can.  What will evolve will depend on everyone who wants to continue and expand these classes in our county.   I am thrilled to join this hardworking team, and look forward to watching the formless become form again!

Wait for What You Deserve!

let go

“When clarity and purity of thought are present, the answer you seek will present itself, for what you seek is with you and has been with you always.”  Sydney Banks


Sometimes when we devote ourselves to someone or something we lose sight of who we are.  Innocently we feel we are making the best choices for ourselves based on a feeling we remember from the past.  Along the way we can forget what made us so attractive in the first place thinking that perhaps another’s perception is the right answer.
The universe in its infinite wisdom has a way of correcting all the tribulations created by the human race including our spiritual wellbeing.  We are always aware whether the choices we’re making are right for us; the key is to listen.
Before you go much further on this path you alone walk be sure it’s the path you’re supposed to travel.  Otherwise your walk can become difficult and painful.