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The movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” made such an impression on me…..a portrait of the game we play of searching everywhere for answers that were never missing! Last week, I found myself longing for travel. Ads for cruises, Hawaii deals, and the call of warm climate and beaches were just working me over!

How wonderful that our organization, Innate Health Connection, held our first ever community class on Saturday, and I was asked to share my understanding of the 3 Principles! Our President named the workshop “Living Joyfully.” I got to hear from my own mouth the Truth about where my contentment sits, and remember anew that glorious rediscovery of the never-missing Wisdom Within. Monday, I went for a long walk at one of our county parks, and Tuesday at another. Wonder of wonders, right here where I live there are amazing discoveries, and the quiet reflection of walking allowed me to settle back into my most powerful wellbeing, the certainty that doesn’t come from circumstance, but lies beneath all the commotion I create. My inner resort welcomed me, and I’m hoping to stay a while.

WINTER PURGE: Shedding the leaves of drama


“Just as the maple tree abandons its leaves as it pulls energy into its center to survive the cold winter, this is the time of year where we let go of or set aside those things in our lives that drain our energy. Is there something that you similarly need to let go of or set aside with the changing of the seasons?” Carla Goddard, Shamanic Medicine Woman

I was so moved this week by this posting from one of my Facebook friends! Elimination of ideas, activities, and outside influences that intrude on my sense of peace and wellbeing is becoming more and more a natural thing to do. Even knowing that my feelings aren’t created by outside influences, as I spend more time feeling inner serenity, I recognize that I am less willing to be exposed to dramas and negativity.
I vividly recall the sense of wonder, when I first learned about the 3 Principles, that I could retrieve inner tranquility whenever I remembered to look beneath the commotion I was creating. The Divine Mind that Sydney Banks taught about is our nature, and I can return to its peace, love, and trust at will.

Stormy Weather


It rained this week in California. For most, it was so welcome, as we are having our worst drought in years. But having Rheumatoid Arthritis, I found myself very uncomfortable with body pains and fever that rolled in with the storms. I cancelled plans, retired to my couch and electric throw, and waited it out with resignation.

The days of discomfort brought to memory similar weeks before I learned about the 3 Principles. Same pain, but my thinking would take off on tangents of meaning-making, certain I was getting worse, headed for life in a wheelchair, and lamenting my years of 10K races and rollerblading. One of the first insights I had, learning about thought, was that I could simply say “Ouch!” and let it go at that. It wasn’t really the pain that brought so much misery, it was the endless mental monologue of self-pity!

So a circumstance of my life continues. Some days, my body hurts. I have moments of irritation, sadness, and even self-pity when it happens. But I don’t set the table for those thoughts and entertain them anymore! The “I” of me that lives in this body is far more available to resilience, and is even capable of having a great day in spite of pain. What a difference!

IHC President Marian on the Radio

IHC’s very own President, Marian, was on Ami Chen’s Internet radio show this morning sharing her story and her understanding of the 3 Principles. I recommend that you listen to the complete show but if you are short on time Marian comes on at the 16 minute mark. A good friend of IHC, Gabriella Maldonado from Center for Sustainable Change, also makes an appearance on the show.

You can listen to this and Ami’s other shows on her Contact Talk Radio Network page.

3 Principles Meet-up a great success!


A Bay Area Meet-up for 3 Principles Practitioners was a great success!

From around the bay we met to discuss future collaborations with Innate Health Connection ensuring the continuance of this profoundly important understanding!

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In gratitude!

Innate Wisdom


I am guilty, often, of getting into an internal uproar from trying to “figure things out.” Having received appreciation in my life for my intellect, thinking became an overdone sport, and searching my data files for answers to everything became chronic. “You analyze EVERYTHING!” people would say to me, and silly me, I thought it was a compliment!

Of course our intellects and memories are valuable to us, but each of us also has access to a mental “internet” which provides inspiration, intuition, and creativity beyond the limits of our personal data. Remembering that I am a part of Mind, and that Mind is expressing as me, I can allow the mental analysis and commotion to quiet, so that I can hear the always present inner guidance. A new thought, a creative idea, or simple guidance to “go for a walk” or “take a nap” will rise to the surface when my commotion is still enough.

So we have one gift of Thought, but can still our intellect and make room for the wonder of our Nature, innate wisdom, to guide us through the maze. Today I am hearing the message to take it easy loud and clear. Maybe a movie?