Monthly Archives: August 2014

Ultimate Success


Ted and I are planning a cruise. Of course, memory flashes to other cruises, other places, and this morning I pulled out this ode to Naiyoki.

We met Naiyoki on a beach in San Lucia. She caught the eye first because she strolled the beach with a large briefcase balanced on her head. She was draped in colorful scarves, and her briefcase was filled with the standard junk jewelry of the Caribbean peddlers. She moved from blanket to beach chair, laughing and chatting with everyone. What caught my eye next was her wake. She left behind her universal grins and laughter.

Eventually, she made her way to us, and we joined the laughing, joyful crowd of Naiyoki-worshippers, infected with her absolute radiance and love of life. Of course I bought a scarf and a pair of plastic earrings.

I learned something that morning about importance, and the skills we “think”are of value in this life. She left all of us connected to our own joy. When we are rooted in the wisdom of life, it affects the energy field in which we move. As our eyes connected to others on the beach, our unity was evident.

I hope I will never forget her.

Present to Learn

400   This has been a week of awareness. Aware that we are One in the energy and creativity of Mind. Aware that dozens of times every day, I forget that my individuality and separateness are illusions. Aware that inherent in my humanness and my spiritual growth is the conflict and realignment that I so often experience. The expectations of others, the wants and needs imagined by the self of me, and the sheer outrage at the behaviors of mankind seem to trip me up and confound me. And yet, it is more peaceful than that. It is a continuous and recurrent “Oh, yeah!” I may never master the fine art of living what I know. But always, what I know is a foundation for living. “Present to follow, present to see, and present to serve”. It was 2006 when those words came through me. Eight years later, it remains the best I can do.



Yesterday I was baffled one more time that understanding the 3 Principles is no cure for being human. I was moving through my world beautifully, doing the right things and saying the right words, and inside I was irritated, judgmental and insecure.

I remembered the poem above, which was the first one I wrote about the Principles. I remembered, too, the day my teacher arrived at class and said “Today I’m in a full-blown thought attack, so class may be scattered!” It was, of course, one of the best classes ever.

I saw an interview this week with Robin Williams talking about his bouts of depression. Sometimes he was in the depths, and sometimes he was filled with gratitude. The magic is that the world he was living in hadn’t changed at all. It was simply what Thought was delivering in the moment! For me, it usually helps to look inward, bust myself, and realize one more time that whether I’m glorying in life today or wallowing in self-pity, it’s not a reflection of the outer world, but the inner. I made it up!

Holding the Space


Yesterday I was driving to my class and listening to Talk Radio. Suddenly I caught myself arguing with the voices in the dashboard and getting angry at their ridiculous opinions! After turning off the radio, I noticed my normal peacefulness returning quickly. Hooray! I don’t have to feel “that way” any longer than it takes me to realize it isn’t them, it’s me! I was getting caught up in illusions, theirs and mine, and it was looking important for a minute there. How many generations of humans have debated their points of view? I remember my mother flinging her political views on all within hearing, and never convincing anyone. Ben Franklin, in his autobiography, reports that his favorite pastime was debating with his friends of an evening. Were cavemen too busy surviving, or were they just as prone to arguing about which direction the herds were likely grazing?

I don’t seem to be as comfortable any more getting caught up in the discourse. When I think of our planet as a field of life energy, as Syd Banks described it, it seems to need some balance in the energy field. If fighting, road-raging, and shooting at each other is actually increasing, as it sometimes seems to be, what would be my role? Not buy a gun, I can’t imagine myself shooting another human being in any circumstance. Not me.

So here I sit, on the other end of the seesaw, holding the space for peace, universal love, and joyfulness. Want to join me?