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The Costumes We Wear


Costumes are a big part of human interaction, not just on Halloween but throughout our lives. From the time we are small we don our attitudes, poses and clothing choices every morning to tell the world who we think we are and what our self-imagining looks like. Later we might add hairstyles, tattoos, or even plastic surgeries to enhance our costumes.

The fun begins when we start looking at the costumes of others and making up stories about who they are!

Years ago I taught First Offender DUI classes, and I was continually amazed at how off-base my first impressions always were. Week one I would look at my new group and identify those who were “like me” and those who were going to be “trouble”. I continued to categorize for years, in spite of the fact that I never got it right. Being human prevailed. Too bad I hadn’t learned yet about the 3 Principles!

There is a commercial on TV this week for the Halloween episode of a sit-com, where one character is telling another, “this is the one day of the year when you get to be “not you”! But underneath our costumes, our true nature is never missing. Each and every one of us is an aspect of humanness, the energy of life, Mind in action. If I can discredit my own costumes, surely I can look beyond yours! Surely Oneness can be occasionally grasped! Maybe today.

“Living and Sharing from the Principles” a Workshop Series

“Any good teacher will tell you never to be a follower. A wise teacher will draw out your innate knowledge.”
The Missing Link by Sydney Banks

Beginning the first Saturday of the month beginning November 1stRegister here

What we all come to realize when we discover the Principles and we begin to understand the inside-out nature of life is that the outcome is a profound feeling of well-being and contentment. Whether suddenly or gradually without any effort our lives change. We find ourselves on a journey that feels familiar yet leads us towards the unknown. What we also come to know is that engaging with other people who are also on this journey creates wonderful feelings of gratitude, compassion and serenity.

In a group of like-minded people our understanding deepens more with each visit as the Principles take root. The synergy of the group creates an environment that cannot exist when we are alone. Insights flourish and become the powerful teacher that would otherwise be absent when there is no one there to share in the experience.

Realizing the power of the shared learning experience, and in response to requests from people seeking to learn more about the Principles, Innate Health Connection (IHC) is offering a monthly workshop to individuals who already have attended a 3 Principles workshop/seminar and/or are currently teaching from this understanding.

The workshop will offer:

  • An intimate peer supported setting where we can share our experiences
  • An opportunity to bring issues or questions where they can be addressed in real time
  • The experience of teachers who have shared this understanding for many years in a variety of settings both professionally and in their personal lives

Together we will share our insights and challenges with others and an experienced teacher who will point you towards that deeper understanding you seek.

The “Living and Sharing the Principles” series is particularly formatted to support those who want to integrate this understanding into both their personal and professional lives while also sharing the Principles with others. Over the course of the series discussion will include among other things:

  • What it means to share the Principles in “real time”
  • Discover the importance of the human to human connection or what we call ‘gaining rapport’
  • The importance of respectfully obtaining permission
  • What it means to make adjustments’ as you engage in sharing the Principles
  • Deep listening – listening beyond the words
  • Listening with no judgment from a place of humility and compassion

Who should come to these workshops:

  • Current 3 Principles Practitioners to refresh, connect and share current teaching practices
  • Social Service workers, counselors, medical professionals, probation/parole officers, or anyone who is considering integrating the Principles into their profession
  • Anyone who would like to learn to live their lives in a more sustainably peaceful state of mind

Workshop facilitators will be individuals who have been teaching this understanding for many years and have mentored others to share from this understanding.  They include Cathy Casey, Billy King, Linda Ramos, and Marian Brown as well as other guest facilitators to be announced.

While these experienced 3 Principles teachers will be there for you at each of the monthly sessions, the power of the group will also be there for you.  As Sister Margarita Tran always said, “We are all teachers, we are all students.” 

We will never come to the end of our learning about the Principles. They just keep unfolding in our lives as we continue to reach out to learn more. The journey has just begun.  It is a beautiful journey that is only enhanced by sharing it with others.  The more we give to others from our insights the more we get back.

Sign-up quickly as space is limited. The cost is a nominal fee of $25.00 per 2 ½ hour class, as Innate Health Connection believes deeply that everyone should be able to learn about the principles if given the opportunity, cost should not be a barrier.

Discounts are available based on financial need and a 10% discount will be applied for anyone paying for a 6 month course of “Living & Sharing from the Principles.” There is no cost for anyone who volunteers for IHC.

Innate Health Connection looks forward to seeing you at the “Living & Sharing from the Principles” workshop series.

Address: 1777 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, CA in the upstairs conference room

Dates: 11/1/2014,   12/6/2014,   1/10/2015,   2/7/2015,   3/7/2015,   4/4/2015 (dates subject to change)

Time: 9:30am registration, 10:00-12:30pm workshop

Click here to register



Thank you!


A Calm-Demic


With all the talk on the news this week about the Ebola epidemic in Africa, I was reminded of how we can be “infected”, or not, by the state(s) of mind of those around us.

All of us have friends or acquaintances who “run at top speed”, tend to be negative, gossip, or bring their story to every gathering. In my first ten years or so of understanding the Principles, it was probably my greatest struggle to not be so affected by the moods or mental habits of others. Building a connection with my own serenity that could survive outside influences remains my great frontier, but I am surely getting better.

The poem above hearkens back to a time when I was constantly trying to please others and be what they expected of me. It took quite a while to become acquainted with and connected with the field of energy that is my nature. Determining that I consciously choose not to live one more day “under the influence” of any energy field coming at me is life-changing. Without judging the state that others are currently occupying, can I maintain one of serenity and composure? It takes some attention. It takes some remembering. It takes expression! Expressing inside-out, instead of being influenced outside-in.

“…life is so much more than we will ever understand.”

To my Mother-in-Law, Jeri, with Love:

“I sat quietly watching over someone close to me who was in the final moments of her life. What I saw was someone finally giving up her body, the human self that she’d been for 65 years. I, without knowing it, made the situation happen positioning myself as the only one in the room sitting just outside of her vision. I sat and absorbed what my Wisdom told me I needed to see. I’d expressed feelings as I understood them about death and I’ve believed that what I said was the truth about how here is not all there is but still I’d resisted trusting completely as I was afraid.  Until this moment, when the magnificence of life transitioning from form to the formless unfolded before me.
I quietly leaned in to understand, just as I have so many times throughout my life, only this time I listened beyond my thoughts. I absorbed the last moments of someone’s life unencumbered by fearful thoughts or mind altering medications. I felt her joy as she looked into a place that only she was able to see. I felt her smile, and was covered in the beauty of her laughter. I embraced the tale she shared with me, “…all is well and there is nothing to fear.” I understood through her that life is not an ending but just part of our astonishingly beautiful journey.
I will continue to trust that the story she told me is the truth of how it will be for each one of us as we finally and forever transition from form into the formless spiritual beings we began as.
Finally I’m grateful for the gift of having known this one-of-a kind spirit. She taught me in a moment of silence that there is so much more to us than any one of us will ever understand while our feet still touch the ground. I embrace knowing this and I love that this latest lesson came from a most unlikely of source, my Mother-in-Law.
After all is said and done the only thing that endures for us Earthly creatures is Love. This is a gift that is universally given and stays within each of us even beyond what we know here and now.”

Manifesting Wonder


One of my students asked in class for my thoughts on “The Secret”, a bestseller from a few years ago about purposefully creating through our energy field. There was nothing in the book I disagreed with … we are all indeed energy, and we do indeed impact the field that surrounds us. But it happened that I read the book in the weeks just preceding the Academy Awards, and it occurred to me as I was reading that if all five nominees had read the book, each would be visualizing their win and acceptance speech, and yet four of the five would be disappointed.

Time for reflection. What was there to see more deeply here? It occurred to me that much of what we think we need or want comes from more stories we made up! Creative thought impels me forward, it’s true, but it also deludes me with ideas that I won’t be okay if I don’t get what I’ve imagined. So many of my dreams and desires have been delusional! When I think my wellbeing is entangled in the goal, I can only be disappointed, either by not getting what I want, or by getting it and still feeling unfulfilled.

The truth, once again, is that my wellbeing lies within, awaiting my recognition and acknowledgment that the games I play in the universe are nothing more than that, and I can embrace my completeness in this moment, right now.



The inner peacefulness that I enjoy most of the time is, without question, the biggest shift in me from learning about the 3 Principles. A former drama queen, multi-tasker and over-thinker, I could be sitting in a recliner chair with a good book and still running at the speed of sound in my head.

My seven years working at San Jose State University were a training ground for defending my peace. If you have ever worked in a bureaucracy, you know that opportunities for stress are ever present. I found that staying present in the moment, taking periodic breaks, and focus on the task at hand increased my productivity ten-fold. Then came retirement, and a whole new opportunity for walking in our many local nature preserves and parks, connecting me at a whole new level with the rest of life.

I marvel regularly at all the things I see now, which were apparently there in the world all along, but unnoticed by my busy mind. I feel so rich that I have become a source of wonder, present to see and notice all of the ever-changing forms of life that surround me.