Monthly Archives: November 2014



Tomorrow is the day set aside for gratitude, and it brings to mind all the ideas I make up about how life should be, and where happiness is hiding today. I just returned from a cruise to the Sea of Cortez, and not for the first time I became aware of the contentment in people who are living in conditions we would consider substandard. Filled with gratitude for all the externals of my life, I am also filled with awareness that it is my state of mind that matters most of all. I am content, and appreciation feels great!



Today my mind is roaming the future, focusing on an upcoming vacation. The joke is being uncertain what exactly I’m vacationing FROM, as my retired life is very peaceful and enjoyable. But I am reminded again that the opportunity to set time aside for rest and reflection is precious, and that peace is not dependent on our outside activities, but on our awareness of the peaceful state of mind that is always available. Yes!