Monthly Archives: January 2015

Singing Our Own Song


As you know if we’re friends, I’m an avid birder. This was the week when warm temperatures brought the song sparrows and red-winged blackbirds back to the Bay Area, and walking near any water is accompanied by the enthusiastic singing they produce.

It is important to notice that the song sparrow never tries to sound like the blackbird. They are each singing the song that is innate for them. So much of my life I was trying to blend my song to others, not realizing that I have my own unique gifts to deliver.

I had an amazing session this week with my 3 Principles class, and once again I felt the joy of reminding them of the peace that lies right below the commotion they create, and seeing them shift. I sing my song of Peace. What’s yours?



Why do I feel so much more connected to the rest of Life when I’m at the beach? The unity of the planet seems far less elusive when no one is pushing or shoving! Fortunately, I end up at the coast most Fridays, so I can renew myself in the good old-fashioned way, with outside influences.

So what about the in between times? I recall sitting in one of my first classes, and realizing that the room was filled from corner to corner with the energy of Life, and each of us were just aspects of it. Thirteen years later, I have not yet perfected my understanding, but I can still listen for that wonderful feeling of connectedness and unity. And if all else fails, I can always head for the beach!

Desiring Permanence


Wow, I had a terrific day today! We went to the shore, where the sun was shining much warmer than we expected! The parking lot was full of hunky hunks changing into their wetsuits, as we were at the beach where the Mavericks surf. The waves were wild and powerful, the pelicans were diving, and the turnstones ran the beach.

After our walk, we went to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse and watched the Harbor Seals playing in the surf, pointing them out for tourists from Germany. Then on to lunch, where we tried deep=fried Brussels sprouts with our (also deep-fried) fish-n-chips.

Days like this always make me aware that I want my good experiences to stick around and become permanent. All my life, the good people, good jobs, and good days have come and gone, returning only when they transit my memory. My appreciation for wonderful days like this is always a little tinged with wistfulness, that never again will this day exist. Sigh!