Monthly Archives: February 2015

Unencumbered Spirit



Ironically, it was illness that introduced me to my unencumbered spirit. At the worst of my rheumatoid arthritis, with my body hurting everywhere and experiencing the fear of not knowing why I was in so much pain, I met the part of me that is resilient, well and whole. That was in 1996.

Years later, I still have days when I forget. The lure of circumstance can enchant my thinking into believing that IT is the truth.

Yesterday the Bay Area entered pre-storm barometric pressure, and my body reminded me of those early days, when a bad day or even a bad moment could deceive me into thinking it would always be this way, or that it wasn’t possible to be in good spirits when in pain. Fortunately, I am no longer able to fool myself for long.

This morning I’m taking care of my physical needs, curled up on the couch with a comforter and a heating pad, but I’m also laughing at the TV, and sorting through recent photos from hikes I’ve taken, looking for likely contest entries. It’s a very good day!