Monthly Archives: March 2015

MIND on my mind



Yesterday, as we drove through the hills, I was reminded of how many shades of green comprise the Spring hillsides. I reflected on the many species of birds I have learned to identify, and the many other forms life expresses. Isn’t it ironic that the one species that often falls short in my thinking is my own! I don’t rush to judgment when squirrels fight with each other selfishly at my bird feeder. I don’t think twice when I see tiny birds chasing a hawk away from their nest. Even the cowbird, who sneaks her eggs into other birds’ nest to trick them into raising her young, heinous behavior for sure, just fascinates me!

Truly the forms of life that give me thoughts of separateness are the other humans who mistreat their own! Which brings to my magination the dream that someday we could all remember the Truth of Being, that we and the rest of the planet are all just varied expressions of the same life energy, making up with our gift of Thought that we are separate.

Bringing the dream back home, just for one day, I’d like to remember it myself! A lofty goal, but I’ll get there! Maybe today?