A Calm-Demic


With all the talk on the news this week about the Ebola epidemic in Africa, I was reminded of how we can be “infected”, or not, by the state(s) of mind of those around us.

All of us have friends or acquaintances who “run at top speed”, tend to be negative, gossip, or bring their story to every gathering. In my first ten years or so of understanding the Principles, it was probably my greatest struggle to not be so affected by the moods or mental habits of others. Building a connection with my own serenity that could survive outside influences remains my great frontier, but I am surely getting better.

The poem above hearkens back to a time when I was constantly trying to please others and be what they expected of me. It took quite a while to become acquainted with and connected with the field of energy that is my nature. Determining that I consciously choose not to live one more day “under the influence” of any energy field coming at me is life-changing. Without judging the state that others are currently occupying, can I maintain one of serenity and composure? It takes some attention. It takes some remembering. It takes expression! Expressing inside-out, instead of being influenced outside-in.