A New Me


Having written the above poem on newness many weeks ago, Life delivered the opportunity to live out my new paradigms over the last month. My older sister, with whom I bickered for the first 16 years of my life until she left for college, fell in early February, and broke her ankle.

You may remember that I broke my own ankle in 2012, and my immediate flashback was to those who helped me get through the whole healing (and sitting still) experience. I KNEW at a deep place that I was to be one of those people for my sister, and let my nieces know that I was available, all the while praying that they wouldn’t need me until winter had moved out of St. Louis, where she lives.

The call came as March departed, and I boarded my flights ready to be of service. Reflecting, I am amazed that throughout our days together, I was able to remain in a loving and peaceful state of mind. So often, especially in sibling or couple relationships, old memories taint the experience with thoughts like “You always do that” or “It drives me crazy when you…” So often, too, we can get caught up in who we wish people could be, instead of appreciating who they are. To stay present in the day, be of service, and feel contented the entire time was indeed a “new me”! I took many walks, read several novels, and enjoyed visits with our other family members as well. My sister gained in self-sufficiency by the day, and I have returned home knowing all is in place for her continued healing.

There’s an old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But with the understanding of Mind, Thought and Consciousness, we old dogs are certainly free to create new experiences! Woof!