A Pilgrim’s Day on the Camino by Linda Ramus

May 27, 2014

It is the ninth day on the Camino and I’ve been putting in some long miles totaling seventeen, eighteen, even twenty at a time.

A pilgrim’s day goes something like this: Out on the Camino by 7am.  You stop at the first village that offers a place to eat which usually consists of bread, cheese with maybe a piece of fruit and, of course, coffee.  From here there’s a walk of four to five hours stopping for about 30 minutes to grab a bite for lunch.  Then the walk continues for another two more hours finally arriving at a place to rest for the day at about 2:30-3:00pm. There’s always a room to take shelter for the night where we take a shower and put on some clean clothes. Once this is done hiking clothes must be washed out before grabbing a short rest.  Then it’s time for dinner and what a dinner it is!  The evening meal, usually referred to as the pilgrim’s menu, consists of soup, salad, paella, or pasta with a main entrée of pork, fish, beef, or lamb. Then dessert is served and always as part of this wonderful meal there is bread and wine.

After dinner it’s back to the room to sleep after a very long day.

The pictures are of pilgrims on the Camino and the  hostel I’m at today

20140527_082524 camino 3


20140527_143044 camino

Buen Camino