Let’s face it, I’m really good at it! I listen to what is said, or watch what is happening, and I can make up a story in no time that analyzes what it means! “If he loved me he would ……..!” “She said that just because ……..!” They probably think…….(fill in the blanks!) When it isn’t clear what is going on, my mind wants to fill in the blanks. Occasionally, I’m even right, which encourages me to make up more. We come by it honestly. This week our news reports were full of stories of a disappearing airplane, with newscasters telling us, in essence, we don’t know what happened, so we will join in the speculation. Our media “magazines” are filled with meaning-making! So and so wasn’t wearing her ring today, so it must mean……..!

There is no problem with this, except when I start believing what I made up! Ever make up what someone is thinking, and then resent them for thinking it? I confess, I have. When I bust myself, I have to laugh, but the timing is critical, because I can do damage in that time of illusion. What a blessing to have the insights to crumble the fantasies I create! Oh! I made that story up! Wow, for a minute there I thought it was real!