Emptying my Mind on the Camino de Santiago with Linda Ramus

June 6, 2014

Wow, It has been awhile since last blog but many of the small towns where I have been may have Wi-fi but it is unstable.

I’m over half way through and heading into Leon tomorrow. For the past week we have been on the Meseta which is sort of like walking thru Iowa. Pretty but flat with endless fields of wheat and other grains.  I can see how this part of my walk is emptying my mind of all the stuff that gets accumulated in our heads in our day-to-day lives. Walking seems to do that. It strips life down to the basics: Walk, eat, rest.  I’m going into Leon tomorrow.  A big city with lots of noise and hustle both of which I’m not looking forward to.  I prefer the simplicity of the small towns.

linda 3

Along the way I have had some physical challenges.  I’ve sustained some pretty bad blisters and a couple of other issues but because of my understanding of the Principles they aren’t really affecting me. I am able to take things as they come. If it rains tomorrow “oh well” (and it really is not fun hiking in the rain in wet feet). What amazes me overall are the number of old churches. Every town, large or small, has an amazing church. You can tell they took years to build; these folks have amazing faith.

Getting late so will end for now.

Buen Camino

Linda Ramus