Global Insanity


Many of you know that my son spent eight years working in Iraq during the rebuilding. It is not surprising that the news this week has me reflecting on this, both grateful that he is currently stateside, and remembering how much knowing about the 3 Principles changed my experience of his being there. Almost immediately when he told me he was going, I had a profound insight that the only issue for me would be my imagination! If I created stories utilizing the data I had collected from the 6:00 news, I would be filled with worry and misery.

The news is also full of those who are once again marketing fear as a means of divisiveness and separation. Shall we try to imagine all those who might possibly someday become enemies and bomb them now? How many of the problems in our geopolitical world happen in our collective imagination? That’s where our fears of each other look real to us, and we forget our oneness.

I was sitting in a large room at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose, listening to Syd Banks talk about the distance between two styrofoam cups, when the absolute unity of our universe began to dawn on me. Our opinions, our differences, and even our hatreds come from the same old place. We made it up!