Yesterday I was baffled one more time that understanding the 3 Principles is no cure for being human. I was moving through my world beautifully, doing the right things and saying the right words, and inside I was irritated, judgmental and insecure.

I remembered the poem above, which was the first one I wrote about the Principles. I remembered, too, the day my teacher arrived at class and said “Today I’m in a full-blown thought attack, so class may be scattered!” It was, of course, one of the best classes ever.

I saw an interview this week with Robin Williams talking about his bouts of depression. Sometimes he was in the depths, and sometimes he was filled with gratitude. The magic is that the world he was living in hadn’t changed at all. It was simply what Thought was delivering in the moment! For me, it usually helps to look inward, bust myself, and realize one more time that whether I’m glorying in life today or wallowing in self-pity, it’s not a reflection of the outer world, but the inner. I made it up!