The day after I wrote the poem “Hindsight” posted here, my friend Dean Rees-Evans posted the Shel Silverstein verse, “The Voice”. Together, they describe my week perfectly!

I had a rather major decision to make, and after gathering all my facts, sat down quietly to listen to that wonderful inner guidance. Having a clear and sure sense of my right decision, I followed Wisdom’s lead, and made the decision. I aspire to do this always, and had it stopped there, all would have been great, but nooooo!

In hindsight, I began to second-guess myself!

After about two days of driving myself crazy with the mental jibberish, I found again the willingness to get quiet. What a clear message! Wisdom does not follow up with a clear and detailed explanation of why this was the best path for me! Following guidance does not come with guarantees, atta-girls, or retrospective clarity. Having listened and followed, it is now mine to get on with life and let it be.