Holding the Space


Yesterday I was driving to my class and listening to Talk Radio. Suddenly I caught myself arguing with the voices in the dashboard and getting angry at their ridiculous opinions! After turning off the radio, I noticed my normal peacefulness returning quickly. Hooray! I don’t have to feel “that way” any longer than it takes me to realize it isn’t them, it’s me! I was getting caught up in illusions, theirs and mine, and it was looking important for a minute there. How many generations of humans have debated their points of view? I remember my mother flinging her political views on all within hearing, and never convincing anyone. Ben Franklin, in his autobiography, reports that his favorite pastime was debating with his friends of an evening. Were cavemen too busy surviving, or were they just as prone to arguing about which direction the herds were likely grazing?

I don’t seem to be as comfortable any more getting caught up in the discourse. When I think of our planet as a field of life energy, as Syd Banks described it, it seems to need some balance in the energy field. If fighting, road-raging, and shooting at each other is actually increasing, as it sometimes seems to be, what would be my role? Not buy a gun, I can’t imagine myself shooting another human being in any circumstance. Not me.

So here I sit, on the other end of the seesaw, holding the space for peace, universal love, and joyfulness. Want to join me?