In Memory Of (another) Me

Spices of Life

I got a Facebook friend request this week from a dear friend of many years ago, with whom I had lost touch. After accepting gladly, it blasted me back into an archive of memories, good and bad, that are linked in my storage system with his name. The occurrences we shared were 25 or more years ago, and it was significant to me to see how alive and well they still are in my memory bank! Career-focused, party hearty, seeking fulfillment in all the wrong places Marilyn reappeared in my ‘now’ to haunt and entertain me. What was I thinking?!!!

I was thinking that my thinking (and the thinking that my culture taught me) was real. I was believing that if I made enough money, achieved enough fame, and found the right sweetheart, I would live happily ever after and become relevant. I had no clue in those years that happily ever after was an inside job, nor did I have a clue that relevance was inherent in humanity! Thank God, that woman only lives in memory now!

Grateful today for my blast from the past, which demonstrates so beautifully our amazing ability to store and reference memories. Memories are thoughts that we stored, with all the meaning that we made at the time stored as an attachment file. They can taunt us, haunt us, they can make us smile, and they can bring gratitude. I can hear, in my head, my friend Alysza singing “This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made.” Oops! Another memory!