Innate Knowing (Nestbuilding for Humans)


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a birder and wildlife enthusiast. I was privileged, one day, to spot a tiny hummingbird nest just above eye level in a neighborhood tree. I could lift my camera high enough to shoot downward, and over the weeks to come saw the tiny little tic-tac sized eggs become chicks. The construction of the nest itself fascinated me, and brought me face to face with the amazing intelligence of life! This bird simply knew how to construct a home that I couldn’t begin to fashion. This poem followed, and it is one of my favorites.

I learn so much by watching how other forms express the life they are a part of! Seeing the trees budding in season, the ruddy ducks changing colors for mating, and even our cat shedding her winter coat, I know that this intelligence is also alive and active within me. I have only to allow my intellect to settle down enough so that my intuitive guidance can be heard. How many times have I wished I had trusted that little voice? What matters more, will I listen to it today?