Innate Wisdom


I am guilty, often, of getting into an internal uproar from trying to “figure things out.” Having received appreciation in my life for my intellect, thinking became an overdone sport, and searching my data files for answers to everything became chronic. “You analyze EVERYTHING!” people would say to me, and silly me, I thought it was a compliment!

Of course our intellects and memories are valuable to us, but each of us also has access to a mental “internet” which provides inspiration, intuition, and creativity beyond the limits of our personal data. Remembering that I am a part of Mind, and that Mind is expressing as me, I can allow the mental analysis and commotion to quiet, so that I can hear the always present inner guidance. A new thought, a creative idea, or simple guidance to “go for a walk” or “take a nap” will rise to the surface when my commotion is still enough.

So we have one gift of Thought, but can still our intellect and make room for the wonder of our Nature, innate wisdom, to guide us through the maze. Today I am hearing the message to take it easy loud and clear. Maybe a movie?