It’s Our Nature!


I love to read! This week Sara Alexi, one of my favorite authors, came out with her latest novel in the Greek Village series, A Pocket Full of Pebbles, and I immediately downloaded and read it. What a surprise to read a story line that sounded like Ms. Alexi had been auditing my classes, or reading Syd Banks! The Australian goat herder meets the British tourist and teaches her about Thought! The Enlightened Gardener goes Greek!

The ageless wisdom that Syd was able to quantify for us in such simplicity is nothing new. We forget sometimes that Truth was Truth before Syd was even born. It was the nature of mankind to tangle up in thought before the 3 Principles were named.

I was exposed, in my youth, to Positive Thinking, Faith-based Thinking, and Critical Thinking. Nothing, until I was given the clarity of the 3 Principles, brought the peaceful mind, and the wonderful self-humor, that I have enjoyed for the last thirteen years.  When we see that it’s just our Nature, the struggle just isn’t engaging any more.