It’s Upward and Inward on the Camino by Linda Ramus

I have been enjoying the most beautiful walks this past week.  There’s is so much to see.  In this part of the Camino  the landscape is dotted with lots of farms, some with big tractors and machinery for bailing hay.  There’s always a wonderfully big veggie garden.  At one point I noticed in the distance a little old woman drifting by herding her sheep, lambs.  I’m completing about 14 miles daily which means on the Camino early and in town by 11am giving me a nice chance to clean up and rest plus it’s been pretty warm.

Camino de Santiago 5

It’s up and inward starting tomorrow as the end is near.  Since yesterday I’ve noticed a lot of new walkers on the trail.  The town of  Sabrina marks 100km from the starting point of Santiago. In order to receive the certificate of completion or campostela, you must walk these last 100th  so quite a few people do this last part. Hardly seems fair to those who have walked the whole thing but then that’s just a thought isn’t it?