“…life is so much more than we will ever understand.”

To my Mother-in-Law, Jeri, with Love:

“I sat quietly watching over someone close to me who was in the final moments of her life. What I saw was someone finally giving up her body, the human self that she’d been for 65 years. I, without knowing it, made the situation happen positioning myself as the only one in the room sitting just outside of her vision. I sat and absorbed what my Wisdom told me I needed to see. I’d expressed feelings as I understood them about death and I’ve believed that what I said was the truth about how here is not all there is but still I’d resisted trusting completely as I was afraid.  Until this moment, when the magnificence of life transitioning from form to the formless unfolded before me.
I quietly leaned in to understand, just as I have so many times throughout my life, only this time I listened beyond my thoughts. I absorbed the last moments of someone’s life unencumbered by fearful thoughts or mind altering medications. I felt her joy as she looked into a place that only she was able to see. I felt her smile, and was covered in the beauty of her laughter. I embraced the tale she shared with me, “…all is well and there is nothing to fear.” I understood through her that life is not an ending but just part of our astonishingly beautiful journey.
I will continue to trust that the story she told me is the truth of how it will be for each one of us as we finally and forever transition from form into the formless spiritual beings we began as.
Finally I’m grateful for the gift of having known this one-of-a kind spirit. She taught me in a moment of silence that there is so much more to us than any one of us will ever understand while our feet still touch the ground. I embrace knowing this and I love that this latest lesson came from a most unlikely of source, my Mother-in-Law.
After all is said and done the only thing that endures for us Earthly creatures is Love. This is a gift that is universally given and stays within each of us even beyond what we know here and now.”