Listening to Be Heard

Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?

Listening to Be Heard

June 26, 2015

So . . . Hows your listening?

You would probably agree that our most important skill in working with people is listening – not talking, not giving advice and not providing information. It is listening. Being a good listener can save time, prevent costly  mistakes,  allow for better teamwork, trust and understanding. You would also agree that we all could be better at this. So you probably have already taken “how to” workshops.

BUT . . . this is a different type of listening seminar. It is not about “how to” but rather is a seminar about the importance of our state–‐of–‐mind (SOM) to listening.

When  listening from a clear state-of‐mind you are: present, open, curious, nonjudgmental and without an agenda; able to connect to people and help them get a more clarity; able  to ask the right questions that can help the others get to their answers; feel more energized because you are getting less resistance from the client.


  • Listening – not a technique
  • The state-of-mind for deep listening
  • What gets in our way
  • Getting to the heart of the matter – asking the right questionregister_now_button
  • Listening to build trust


  • Describe the state-of‐mind conducive to deep listening
  • Better able to clarify meaning to minimize misunderstanding
  • Able to ask better question and investigate delicate subjects
  • Able to recognize your own habits of thought that get in the way of listening

Seminar lead facilitators: Linda Ramus, M.Ed., MA & Marian Brown, B.S.

PLACE: 408 Alberto Drive, Ste. A, Los Gatos, CA 95032

TIME: 8:30-9:00am Registration, 9:00-12:00pm Seminar 

CE’s: 3.0 contact hours for BRN, BSSE, CAADAC