“Living and Sharing from the Principles” a Workshop Series

“Any good teacher will tell you never to be a follower. A wise teacher will draw out your innate knowledge.”
The Missing Link by Sydney Banks

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What we all come to realize when we discover the Principles and we begin to understand the inside-out nature of life is that the outcome is a profound feeling of well-being and contentment. Whether suddenly or gradually without any effort our lives change. We find ourselves on a journey that feels familiar yet leads us towards the unknown. What we also come to know is that engaging with other people who are also on this journey creates wonderful feelings of gratitude, compassion and serenity.

In a group of like-minded people our understanding deepens more with each visit as the Principles take root. The synergy of the group creates an environment that cannot exist when we are alone. Insights flourish and become the powerful teacher that would otherwise be absent when there is no one there to share in the experience.

Realizing the power of the shared learning experience, and in response to requests from people seeking to learn more about the Principles, Innate Health Connection (IHC) is offering a monthly workshop to individuals who already have attended a 3 Principles workshop/seminar and/or are currently teaching from this understanding.

The workshop will offer:

  • An intimate peer supported setting where we can share our experiences
  • An opportunity to bring issues or questions where they can be addressed in real time
  • The experience of teachers who have shared this understanding for many years in a variety of settings both professionally and in their personal lives

Together we will share our insights and challenges with others and an experienced teacher who will point you towards that deeper understanding you seek.

The “Living and Sharing the Principles” series is particularly formatted to support those who want to integrate this understanding into both their personal and professional lives while also sharing the Principles with others. Over the course of the series discussion will include among other things:

  • What it means to share the Principles in “real time”
  • Discover the importance of the human to human connection or what we call ‘gaining rapport’
  • The importance of respectfully obtaining permission
  • What it means to make adjustments’ as you engage in sharing the Principles
  • Deep listening – listening beyond the words
  • Listening with no judgment from a place of humility and compassion

Who should come to these workshops:

  • Current 3 Principles Practitioners to refresh, connect and share current teaching practices
  • Social Service workers, counselors, medical professionals, probation/parole officers, or anyone who is considering integrating the Principles into their profession
  • Anyone who would like to learn to live their lives in a more sustainably peaceful state of mind

Workshop facilitators will be individuals who have been teaching this understanding for many years and have mentored others to share from this understanding.  They include Cathy Casey, Billy King, Linda Ramos, and Marian Brown as well as other guest facilitators to be announced.

While these experienced 3 Principles teachers will be there for you at each of the monthly sessions, the power of the group will also be there for you.  As Sister Margarita Tran always said, “We are all teachers, we are all students.” 

We will never come to the end of our learning about the Principles. They just keep unfolding in our lives as we continue to reach out to learn more. The journey has just begun.  It is a beautiful journey that is only enhanced by sharing it with others.  The more we give to others from our insights the more we get back.

Sign-up quickly as space is limited. The cost is a nominal fee of $25.00 per 2 ½ hour class, as Innate Health Connection believes deeply that everyone should be able to learn about the principles if given the opportunity, cost should not be a barrier.

Discounts are available based on financial need and a 10% discount will be applied for anyone paying for a 6 month course of “Living & Sharing from the Principles.” There is no cost for anyone who volunteers for IHC.

Innate Health Connection looks forward to seeing you at the “Living & Sharing from the Principles” workshop series.

Address: 1777 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, CA in the upstairs conference room

Dates: 11/1/2014,   12/6/2014,   1/10/2015,   2/7/2015,   3/7/2015,   4/4/2015 (dates subject to change)

Time: 9:30am registration, 10:00-12:30pm workshop

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Questions: marian@innatehealthconnection.org


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