“Living & Sharing From the Principles” workshop series presents Billy King!!

Join us  October 3, 2015 – the second of six intimate & interactive workshops

*Open your Mind & deepen your connection to wellbeing* With Billy King – 

As a Practitioner/Facilitator of the 3 Principles Billy has accumulated an extensive & long history working with our youth in South Bay schools & in Santa Clara County youth correctional facilities.  Billy has mentored many of the practicing facilitators of the 3 Principles to getting their certifications while sharing this understanding with clients as a counselor for the Department of Alcohol & Drugs Services.  Billy’s grounding in the Principles is profound; he is a joy to spend time with.  This workshop is not to be missed!  Reserve a seat @ www.innatehealthconnection.org or replying “save me a seat” to this email.

The answer to living a life of contentment is not found in books, through other’s insights or on-line.  We are not dependent on anything outside us to be happy. The answer to maintaining a sense of well-being is simple –  the answer naturally abides within all of us.  Find out more and register for these workshops @ www.innatehealthconnection.org

Our workshops offer:

  • Open topics of conversation.  Bring your thoughts about how you’re doing in both your professional and/or personal life.
  • Sharing with like-minded people who are all looking to re-engage, re-fresh & re-ignite their passion for life
  • Intimate journey of discussing the 3 Principles – the truth behind all our psychological functioning & behaviors

The objective of these workshops are to introduce an understanding that will guide us to:

  • Our Innate ability to be well & feel resilient
  • Working & living effortlessly
  • Interact without burn-out
  • Re-introduce ourselves to the where & how of maintained wellbeing

 Register @ www.innatehealthconnection.org for the October 3rd workshop!

Time: 9:30am Sign-in; 10:00-12:30pm workshop

Cost: $25.00 (Discounts available for students, seniors, & people with limited incomes) Bring someone new to these workshops & you attend for free!

Address: 1777 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, CA (Upstairs conference room)

These wonderfully intimate workshops will give you time to reenergize & begin again your journey with a renewed sense of wellbeing.

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Understanding how our thinking works helps liberate us from the limits of thought promoting change naturally from the inside-out.  Find out more about us by going to the website address listed below.

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In peace, Innate Health Connection, 3 Principles for Transformative Solutions