The movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” made such an impression on me…..a portrait of the game we play of searching everywhere for answers that were never missing! Last week, I found myself longing for travel. Ads for cruises, Hawaii deals, and the call of warm climate and beaches were just working me over!

How wonderful that our organization, Innate Health Connection, held our first ever community class on Saturday, and I was asked to share my understanding of the 3 Principles! Our President named the workshop “Living Joyfully.” I got to hear from my own mouth the Truth about where my contentment sits, and remember anew that glorious rediscovery of the never-missing Wisdom Within. Monday, I went for a long walk at one of our county parks, and Tuesday at another. Wonder of wonders, right here where I live there are amazing discoveries, and the quiet reflection of walking allowed me to settle back into my most powerful wellbeing, the certainty that doesn’t come from circumstance, but lies beneath all the commotion I create. My inner resort welcomed me, and I’m hoping to stay a while.