Manifesting Wonder


One of my students asked in class for my thoughts on “The Secret”, a bestseller from a few years ago about purposefully creating through our energy field. There was nothing in the book I disagreed with … we are all indeed energy, and we do indeed impact the field that surrounds us. But it happened that I read the book in the weeks just preceding the Academy Awards, and it occurred to me as I was reading that if all five nominees had read the book, each would be visualizing their win and acceptance speech, and yet four of the five would be disappointed.

Time for reflection. What was there to see more deeply here? It occurred to me that much of what we think we need or want comes from more stories we made up! Creative thought impels me forward, it’s true, but it also deludes me with ideas that I won’t be okay if I don’t get what I’ve imagined. So many of my dreams and desires have been delusional! When I think my wellbeing is entangled in the goal, I can only be disappointed, either by not getting what I want, or by getting it and still feeling unfulfilled.

The truth, once again, is that my wellbeing lies within, awaiting my recognition and acknowledgment that the games I play in the universe are nothing more than that, and I can embrace my completeness in this moment, right now.