The inner peacefulness that I enjoy most of the time is, without question, the biggest shift in me from learning about the 3 Principles. A former drama queen, multi-tasker and over-thinker, I could be sitting in a recliner chair with a good book and still running at the speed of sound in my head.

My seven years working at San Jose State University were a training ground for defending my peace. If you have ever worked in a bureaucracy, you know that opportunities for stress are ever present. I found that staying present in the moment, taking periodic breaks, and focus on the task at hand increased my productivity ten-fold. Then came retirement, and a whole new opportunity for walking in our many local nature preserves and parks, connecting me at a whole new level with the rest of life.

I marvel regularly at all the things I see now, which were apparently there in the world all along, but unnoticed by my busy mind. I feel so rich that I have become a source of wonder, present to see and notice all of the ever-changing forms of life that surround me.