Present to Learn

400   This has been a week of awareness. Aware that we are One in the energy and creativity of Mind. Aware that dozens of times every day, I forget that my individuality and separateness are illusions. Aware that inherent in my humanness and my spiritual growth is the conflict and realignment that I so often experience. The expectations of others, the wants and needs imagined by the self of me, and the sheer outrage at the behaviors of mankind seem to trip me up and confound me. And yet, it is more peaceful than that. It is a continuous and recurrent “Oh, yeah!” I may never master the fine art of living what I know. But always, what I know is a foundation for living. “Present to follow, present to see, and present to serve”. It was 2006 when those words came through me. Eight years later, it remains the best I can do.