PursuitIn sitting down to film my thoughts on the Three Principles for this website, I was guided to begin by talking about the continuous search for answers that obsessed so much of my life. From my twenties on, I must have spent thousands of dollars, and even more hours, on workshops, books, intensives, disciplines and religious pursuits, trying to find the “answer” that would fill me up.

What changed? Seeing myself as a creative and intentional expression of Life, given the amazing gift of creativity. As I saw more and more that my creativity (Thought) was creating all the ideas in my head about who people should be, how things should go, what I needed to be happy, and on and on, the real source of all my struggles became clear. And when I KNOW it’s thought, I carry my struggles so much more lightly! Oh yeah! It’s only me, making up stories again! Busted!