Stormy Weather


It rained this week in California. For most, it was so welcome, as we are having our worst drought in years. But having Rheumatoid Arthritis, I found myself very uncomfortable with body pains and fever that rolled in with the storms. I cancelled plans, retired to my couch and electric throw, and waited it out with resignation.

The days of discomfort brought to memory similar weeks before I learned about the 3 Principles. Same pain, but my thinking would take off on tangents of meaning-making, certain I was getting worse, headed for life in a wheelchair, and lamenting my years of 10K races and rollerblading. One of the first insights I had, learning about thought, was that I could simply say “Ouch!” and let it go at that. It wasn’t really the pain that brought so much misery, it was the endless mental monologue of self-pity!

So a circumstance of my life continues. Some days, my body hurts. I have moments of irritation, sadness, and even self-pity when it happens. But I don’t set the table for those thoughts and entertain them anymore! The “I” of me that lives in this body is far more available to resilience, and is even capable of having a great day in spite of pain. What a difference!