The Camino in Three Parts, Linda Ramus

May 24, 2014

They say the first ten days on the Camino are physical which means it is all about the aches and pains of walking 15 to 20 miles a day in rain and heat with climbs and descents.

The Second part of the hike is mental and the 3rd part is spiritual.  As of today I’m guessing I’m still in the physical phase with hurting, tired feet.

Last night I stayed in an albergue (shelter) that is operated by a Christen group. I joined many others at the evening meditation and reflected on the people who over the centuries have aided pilgrims on the Camino. I’ve come to realize a deep appreciation for these benevolent people.

I found the same spirit when I hiked the Appalachian trail although on the Appalachian Trail they are called “Trail Angels.” I’m certain these folks here along the Camino are Trail Angels too.

Buen Camino

Linda Ramus