The Costumes We Wear


Costumes are a big part of human interaction, not just on Halloween but throughout our lives. From the time we are small we don our attitudes, poses and clothing choices every morning to tell the world who we think we are and what our self-imagining looks like. Later we might add hairstyles, tattoos, or even plastic surgeries to enhance our costumes.

The fun begins when we start looking at the costumes of others and making up stories about who they are!

Years ago I taught First Offender DUI classes, and I was continually amazed at how off-base my first impressions always were. Week one I would look at my new group and identify those who were “like me” and those who were going to be “trouble”. I continued to categorize for years, in spite of the fact that I never got it right. Being human prevailed. Too bad I hadn’t learned yet about the 3 Principles!

There is a commercial on TV this week for the Halloween episode of a sit-com, where one character is telling another, “this is the one day of the year when you get to be “not you”! But underneath our costumes, our true nature is never missing. Each and every one of us is an aspect of humanness, the energy of life, Mind in action. If I can discredit my own costumes, surely I can look beyond yours! Surely Oneness can be occasionally grasped! Maybe today.