Tomorrow is a big day on the Camino

June 11, 2014

Tomorrow is a big day – 20 miles. So I will do what I do – lock in on a steady pace and just go.

Spain has been an experience. Not all fun. I’ve had about 2 weeks of bad blisters, then 4 days where I couldn’t eat but felt fine to hike until I realized after 2 days and 30 miles I did have to eat or I was going to do a face plant in the middle of the Camino.  But I am feeling great now and the countryside is beautiful. The Camino is EAT- WALK – REST. My routine is walk 13-17 miles; check into the albergue (the pilgrims hostel); shower; wash out clothes; then have a beer (maybe nap). Check out the local scene.  In bed by 830 up by 530. Pilgrims from all over the world are here – New Zealand, Australia, China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Canada, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, and Norway to name a few. There are lots of Americans from all over US.

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I’m doing OK with the Spanish. Last night I was at “Foncebedon” a semi abandoned village which was built about 900 years ago during “Medival” times.  It was a very important pilgrim stop home to 12th century hermit Gaucelmo who created a simple church and the pilgrims hospital (hostel). Today it is mostly ruins although there are some young people rebuilding the albergue and tavern with the intent of reviving it to once again be a favorite pilgrim stop. It is one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to.

I am feeling very quiet.

“Now silence unweaves the shroud of words we have woven.” Rumi.        What can I learn here?

Buen Camino
Linda Ramus