Two to Tango – The Essence of Rapport

September 25, 2015

Learn the dance!

Good tango partners are connected, in synch, trust each other, are flexible, and as any good dancer will tell you, are totally in the moment. In effect you could say they are in rapport. Rapport is defined as having feelings of trust and respect and connection. Rapport is the essential elements for all effective relationships, especially the relationship with clients or patients, but no less for co-workers and others in our lives. Appreciating the importance of rapport, people often take classes or read books looking for techniques for “getting “rapport because everyone from CEO’s to the newest parent, teacher or counselor needs to connect – wants to connect.

However, rapport is not a technique. It is a state of mind that comes from what we are thinking in the moment. Rapport happens when we drop judgmental, disrespectful, distrustful thinking and instead see that everyone has worth regardless of how they are presenting. In this lively interactive seminar participants will learn what helps or hinders this human-to-human connection and how simple genuine rapport can be.


  • Rapport is not a technique
  • How rapport happens
  • The universal nature of rapport
  • It doesn’t take time


  • Be able to describe the “state of mind” essential for rapport
  • Be able to describe what gets in the way of establishing rapport.
  • Describe the 3 principles that explain the source of rapport

Seminar lead facilitators: Catherine Casey, MA, Marian Brown, B.S. CE’s: 3.0 contact hours for BRN, BSSE, CAADAC

PLACE: 408 Alberto Drive, Ste. A, Los Gatos, CA 95032

TIME: 8:30-9:00am Registration, 9:00-12:00pm Seminar register_now_button

CE’s: 3.0 contact hours for BRN, BSSE, CAADAC