Ultimate Success


Ted and I are planning a cruise. Of course, memory flashes to other cruises, other places, and this morning I pulled out this ode to Naiyoki.

We met Naiyoki on a beach in San Lucia. She caught the eye first because she strolled the beach with a large briefcase balanced on her head. She was draped in colorful scarves, and her briefcase was filled with the standard junk jewelry of the Caribbean peddlers. She moved from blanket to beach chair, laughing and chatting with everyone. What caught my eye next was her wake. She left behind her universal grins and laughter.

Eventually, she made her way to us, and we joined the laughing, joyful crowd of Naiyoki-worshippers, infected with her absolute radiance and love of life. Of course I bought a scarf and a pair of plastic earrings.

I learned something that morning about importance, and the skills we “think”are of value in this life. She left all of us connected to our own joy. When we are rooted in the wisdom of life, it affects the energy field in which we move. As our eyes connected to others on the beach, our unity was evident.

I hope I will never forget her.