Board of Directors

Christine Henriques-Cox
Christine Henriques-Cox – President

Christine Henriques-Cox earned a Certificate of Completion from the County of Santa Clara Department of Alcohol and Drugs Services as a 3 Principles Practitioner, an AA in Alcohol and Drug Counseling and is currently working on receiving her CAADE Certification. She is  employed by San Benito County facilitating the 52-week batterer’s intervention program for men, domestic violence groups each week at the Hollister women’s shelter and volunteers as a group facilitator weekly for LifeMoves Organization’s Julian Street Inn.  A  program for homeless adults diagnosed as severely mentally ill and in various stages of recovery from both addiction and domestic violence.  All of these classes are taught exclusively from the 3 Principles perspective.  In 2007, Christine was introduced to the Principles as a client going through recovery. Once she received her certificate of completion in 2011, she immediately began teaching her own community group known as Transcend with people referred through San Benito County Probation, Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Child and Family Services and the Homeless Coalition of San Benito County. Christine has also worked as a re-entry teacher for Parolees in South County teaching life skills and assisting them towards successfully transitioning back into the community. She provides outreach, serves as an advocate, appeared in a public awareness video of her work in San Benito County with the at-risk population ( and participates in public speaking engagements. Christine has a deep passion to help others and give back to the community in which she works and lives and is grateful to be a part of Innate Health Connection.

Linda Ramus
Linda Ramus – Vice President/Research & Evaluation

Linda Ramus, MA, M.Ed., has over 30 years’ experience working in both community-based and governmental programs in the fields of education, employment and training and substance abuse prevention education. From 2001 to 2013, she was director of the 3 Principles Services Division, Department of Alcohol & Drug Services, Department of Health and Hospital Systems, Santa Clara County, California serving approximately 2,000 people annually.  She has experience providing 3 Principles based training to counselors, teachers, nurses and other human services professionals using the three principles model.  She has also taught classes for men and women in the county jail system, residential substance abuse treatment programs and county’s work furlough program as well as domestic violence batterers’ classes, and classes for inmates at San Quentin prison. She has extensive experience in program development and evaluation and research including evaluations of prevention education services provided to schools, community based programs, mental health programs, substance abuse treatment programs and in adult and juvenile criminal detention facility. She has a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco and Masters in Urban Education from Montclair University.

Laura Wegl
Laura Wegl – Community Development

Laura Wegl retired from Santa Clara County Probation Department after 30 years of service.  During her time as a probation officer she worked in both juvenile and adult programs working her way up to management.  Always compassionate for the clients she saw struggling from mental health issues Laura took it upon herself to start a Mental Health Division within SCC’s Probation Department which is still in practice today. Not only did she decide probation needed this program but she found the right probation officers to work with these special clients. No matter where Laura was placed to work within the vast probation department she always supported and encouraged clients to attend Three Principles groups as well as the AA/NA meetings to ensure a well-rounded, comprehensive recovery program.  Laura made sure that the Principles were taught at the Muriel Wright Ranch, a youth program for children ages 12 to 18 years old.  Laura completed and encouraged her staff to attend any of the trainings offered by the Three Principles Service Division offered through Department of Alcohol and Drugs Services.  Laura’s life is completely full although she’s retired.  Weekly you will find her volunteering for the Ombudsman program and offering to mediate for two of San Jose’s courts.  In her words mediating is “…lot’s of fun and very challenging!”

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown – Treasurer and IT

Kevin Brown has over 20 years experience working with technology in corporate environments. He has worked at companies throughout Silicon Valley, such as Cisco, Harmonic and Symmetricom. He has also consulted to numerous software and high-tech companies. In addition, Kevin teaches undergrad courses at the University of Phoenix. Kevin was first introduced to the 3 Principles by his wife, Marian.

Rob Friend
Rob Friend – Business Development

Rob Friend lives in Oakland, California and has been waking up to the Three Principles since 2012. Rob works as a Communications Project Manager, has three children and one grandson. Rob hosts a 3 Principles meet-up in his home on Tuesday evenings and voluntarily facilitates a 3 Principles group at the Indian Health Center in downtown San Jose, California every Monday evening (please see Training/Workshops page for information regarding both groups). In September 2015 Rob worked with the Center for Sustainable Change to design and implement a training program for people within the Three Principles community who wanted to learn how to volunteer sharing the Three Principles with young people and those who work with them.