Wait for What You Deserve!

let go

“When clarity and purity of thought are present, the answer you seek will present itself, for what you seek is with you and has been with you always.”  Sydney Banks


Sometimes when we devote ourselves to someone or something we lose sight of who we are.  Innocently we feel we are making the best choices for ourselves based on a feeling we remember from the past.  Along the way we can forget what made us so attractive in the first place thinking that perhaps another’s perception is the right answer.
The universe in its infinite wisdom has a way of correcting all the tribulations created by the human race including our spiritual wellbeing.  We are always aware whether the choices we’re making are right for us; the key is to listen.
Before you go much further on this path you alone walk be sure it’s the path you’re supposed to travel.  Otherwise your walk can become difficult and painful.