What we do

Innate Health Connection’s objective is to advance an understanding of the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness in the community. All services are focused on increasing the psychological wellbeing of individuals through understanding how all humans create their moment to moment psychological experience and that they have an innate natural wisdom or common sense that is accessible to them all of the time.  The intent is not to change people’s thinking but rather help people gain insights about how they function psychologically.  As people come to understand the nature of these 3 Principles, especially Thought, the less they are impacted by dysfunctional thought and the more they operate from their natural connection to innate wisdom and common sense.

  • In the field of psychology, it is a new understanding about human psychological functioning and behavior. In its simplest form, the understanding explains how all humans are born with a core of innate psychological health, also referred to as natural wisdom, common sense, and natural resiliency.  Operating from this core of health at any time is possible for all people regardless of their economic status, race, age, level of education or other circumstance.
  • Based on the premise that this natural wisdom is something everyone is “hard wired” with from birth, this source of resiliency unfolds via a process of learning thus making 3 Principles education a health-based activity.
  • Organizational or individual education using 3 Principles-based training gets beneath symptoms and manifestations of stress and dysfunction to address the universal source of all human experience – Thought.   The primary change agent is, therefore, the conveyance of the understanding of the role of Thought in our day-to-day lives.  Simply, we teach people about thought as a function, discussing not what they think, but rather how they create thought.
  • Once people see they have innate wisdom and common sense; once they understand how every experience, emotion, mood and behavior arises from their own thinking; once they are able to link their thought in the moment to what they are experiencing in the moment (love, anger, stress, fear), and once they begin to see that their experience is coming from the “inside-out” and not from the “outside-in”, they are able to relate differently to circumstance and relationships. The more people understand this function called Thought, the more they will experience their own psychological wellbeing and operate from wisdom and common sense.  Collectively, these shifts lead to a healthier individuals and a more productive organization climate.

Our Method:

Education holds the most promise for creating change within human beings and organizations.  However, learning techniques or listening to motivational speakers do not usually sustain changes.  Real learning and change takes place when the learner has an insight about that which is being taught.  Now the learner owns the lesson.  They have become different as a result of the insight.  As a unique and practical organizational or individual intervention, this training is specifically design to promote individual insights (or understanding) about how we as human beings use thought to create our experience.  Our services and trainings:

  • Explains how every human being functions psychologically creating his/her own moment-to-moment experience of life through the operation of the psychological principles of Thought, Mind, and Consciousness.
  • Explains how it is possible to elicit directly a state of healthy psychological functioning that exists as a potential in everyone.
  • Provides a learning environment in which people may have insights into how their moment-to-moment every day reality is created and maintained in their thinking and consciousness.
  •  Are not about changing people’s thinking but rather the goal is that people gain insights about how they function psychologically and how they are connected to the Principles.  This understanding is the natural connection to our own innate wisdom and common sense.

What we see as our personal reality is simply being created by us, moment to moment – whatever that may be. It is all thought brought to life via consciousness. Terror is one thought away; peace of mind is one thought away; mental illness is one thought away and mental health is one thought away. Understanding that we are these principles in action is the liberating change agent.