3P’s History

Three Principles History –

The understanding upon which Innate Health Connection is based was first brought to our attention in the early 1970’s by Sydney Banks, a Scottish gentleman living in Canada.  The moment he experienced what he has described as a spiritual revelation he was attending a marriage seminar with his wife.  He eventually shared through writings, seminars, consultations, etc. what this profound experience was like and how completely it changed his life.  He explained that he had walked out of the marriage seminar feeling frustrated with his thoughts in a very negative place.  He stopped briefly to unload his frustrations on a passing therapist who was also an attendee of the seminar.  Sydney Banks states that in a moment he experienced complete clarity as to the function of thought after this other gentleman replied to his complaints with, “There is no such thing as insecurities.  It’s only thought.”


Sydney would later name what he described as three divine principles – Mind, Consciousness and ThoughtMind he described as the formless spiritual intelligence behind all things.  Consciousness he stated is our awareness of our experiences brought to life.  Thought he stated is the ability to create our reality.  He elaborated, and we believe, these simple principles bring the formless spiritual wisdom/energy into form and create the illusion of reality.  (To learn more about Mr. Sydney Banks and his writings, lectures – please visit our resource page.)  This understanding of the three principles was over time implemented in many different professional settings including but not limited to businesses, psychology, high risk communities, schools, hospital settings, social services agencies, and the legal systems.  Anywhere where there were people working with someone emotionally struggling this understanding was shared and is now reaching 1000’s throughout the world.

The Three Principles was first introduced to Santa Clara County in 1994 through the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services (DADs).  The director at the time, Robert Garner, attended a seminar on the principles at the urging of his wife.  He realized immediately the far-reaching benefit this understanding could have on the community served by DADs and began the process of creating a division focused solely on the three principles.  The Three Principle Service Division’s goal was to provide trainings for the county’s staff and workshops/groups for the consumers of DADs.  The foremost objective of this division was to increase the mental health and psychological well-being of individuals and the communities they resided in.  The first teachers knew in their hearts that the potential for increasing resiliency and quality of life would be far reaching and limitless with a potential to go even beyond the county lines.  Soon people heard of the Three Principles Service Division and came from across the globe with the single minded drive to learn and then teach in their own struggling communities.  The county offered a variety of learning-based programs for approximately eighteen years, finally closing their doors in March, 2013 soon after the retirements of DAD’s director Robert Garner and the Three Principles Service Division’s director Linda Ramus.  The Three Principle’s Service Division at this time successfully fostered the desire of former clients to become teachers, teachers to reach thousands of attendees in numerous programs and agencies to implement weekly on-going classes.  Over the years these principles reached administrators of the many different social service agencies, mangers and staff of medical groups, judges, attorneys, probation and parole officers along side members of the local homeless shelters and residents of the local communities.

In 2013, after the division closed their doors and stopped all the supportive classes (except those that were taught by volunteering teachers of the principles) a small group of county certified three principles teachers including the recently retired director of the division came together and decided to try and continue the work that had been so generously provided for so many years.  This meeting planted the seed that would become the non-profit Innate Health Connection, 3 Principles for Transformative Solutions (IHC).  IHC was established on the premise that this understanding of the principles needs to be shared as it is the bases for such profoundly wonderful shifts in human understanding.  We know that everyone is “hard-wired” with an innate wisdom that guides us all towards sustainable peace and well-being.

Innate Health Connection will provide a continuance of community based workshops, supportive mentoring, professional trainings and a network of practitioners all with the same focus in mind – to share an understanding that Sydney Banks knew was the bases to  end all human psychological suffering.

“The achievement of mental stability and peace of mind is one thought away from everyone on earth…if you can find that one thought.  Throughout time, human beings have experienced insights that spontaneously and completely changed their behavior and their lives, bringing them happiness they previously had thought impossible.”  The Missing Link by Sydney Banks.