Willing to Wander


The photo above is from Old Town, Cartagena, Columbia. We went there on a cruise through the Panama Canal, and I almost missed seeing it because of the worrying going on in my head at the time about what Columbia was like. I came very close to staying on the ship. Thank the heavens, I took a chance, and had one of my favorite travel experiences ever!

In thousands of smaller ways, I notice that I resist travelling the “I Don’t Knows” of life, worrying about all the ways things could possibly go wrong. When someone asked me that simple question, “Have you ever really known what the future would hold?” it brought clarity to the fact that I create illusions that I do know, and it’s only when I’ve made up scary illusions that worry sets in.

Discovery is a simple thing. It involves quieting the illusions, so the unknown can be unfolded and discovered. The creative genius that is Thought allows me to be the Worrier, or be the Discoverer. I wonder what tomorrow will be like? I am willing to wander through it and see.