WINTER PURGE: Shedding the leaves of drama


“Just as the maple tree abandons its leaves as it pulls energy into its center to survive the cold winter, this is the time of year where we let go of or set aside those things in our lives that drain our energy. Is there something that you similarly need to let go of or set aside with the changing of the seasons?” Carla Goddard, Shamanic Medicine Woman

I was so moved this week by this posting from one of my Facebook friends! Elimination of ideas, activities, and outside influences that intrude on my sense of peace and wellbeing is becoming more and more a natural thing to do. Even knowing that my feelings aren’t created by outside influences, as I spend more time feeling inner serenity, I recognize that I am less willing to be exposed to dramas and negativity.
I vividly recall the sense of wonder, when I first learned about the 3 Principles, that I could retrieve inner tranquility whenever I remembered to look beneath the commotion I was creating. The Divine Mind that Sydney Banks taught about is our nature, and I can return to its peace, love, and trust at will.